Sunday, May 30, 2004


Have started getting into the whole wedding thing. My dress is chosen, my daughter's put in her order for her bridesmaid's dress and I'm thinking of flower schemes. So naturally my thoughts have turned to my hair.

Apparently short-haired women don't get married. It must be like a law or something. I've perused about 6 bridal magazines in the 7 months since Battboy and I decided to do the deed. Funnily enough, all hair seems to be long, thick and totally in control. Nothing at all suitable for my short, baby-fine, windswept strands.

Even being short goes against me. Decided the other day that I wanted a pair of trousers and some tracksuit pants to see me through pregnancy. Let me fill you in on a little secret. Short women don't have babies. On the other hand, being tall is also a handicap. Only average-sized women fall pregnant. Everything I looked out not only came past my ankles but continued on past the toes of my shoes and into the next cubicle.

So here I am, engaged and pregnant and feeling totally annoyed. In the end I chose a pair of three-quarter length tracksuit pants. They fit me perfectly, ending exactly at the soles of my heels. No, of course they weren't maternity. I had to take a size 16 with the thought that I'd 'grow' into them.

Isn't it bad enough that I have to buy my shoes from the children's section??????

But I am cute...

Just did this "What 80's toy are you?" quiz

Here's the result...

my little pony
You're My Little Pony!! Sweet and innocent and
happy, you make people want to spew burrito
chunks. Even a Care Bear could kick your ass.

What childhood toy from the 80s are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Lee's an etch-a-sketch.

Off to Calli's and John's now for BB. Go Paul!!! And I mean that literally. Go as in, get out, get lost, you're not wanted here any more.

Have a loverly week. May it be filled with sunshine and shortcake and hugs and love.

God, my life as a pony sucks.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

A milestone met

12 weeks down. Lee took my photo today. We take one every four weeks to chart the progress of my growing tummy. I actually lost a kilo this week, so why does my stomach look bigger?
12 weeks is exciting. Next Wednesday I begin my second trimester. The first has been awful. Hopefully the second will see an improvement.


As my friends are aware, Battboy and I have been looking into our birthing options. My last three babies were born in hospital, after inductions, drugs and vaccuum extractions. This time I thought I'd like a home birth. I like the thought of labouring in the comfort of my own home where I'm free to wander around, take a bath, watch tv, or whatever. It also solves the "what are we going to do with the children?" problem. All our friends live so far away we were worrying about dropping the kids off with their dad if we have them, Erin with, well, whoever gets suckered into looking after her and then making our way to hospital. This is my fourth labour. Time may not be on our side. This way Lee can deal with the kids while I stay put and either await his return, or alternatively we keep them close while I'm in labour and then I can actually give birth in the privacy of my bedroom. (I'm voting for the first option).
Anyway, yesterday I put my application in for a homebirth, and not a moment too soon. It has to be done by 12 weeks to qualify for government assistance. After that you have to pay for it yourself. I basically got the information, filled out the form and emailed it straight back. And this morning we got our reply. I've been allocated a midwife named Linda who'll be with me from start to finish. Yay!!!

To be honest I was quite surprised that Lee went with the whole homebirthing idea. He's so protective of me, I'd have thought he'd want me in a hospital with hot and cold running nurses and drugs on tap. Then he pointed out the obvious. There are no guarantees, even in hospital. He should know, I guess.

Of course, giving birth in hospital would give me three days off. And an induction would also guarantee a solution to the kid thing, but I'm happy with a homebirth. At the moment.

An extra hour of music has been added to the baby collection. I have nearly 4 hours worth now. Nemo will now be able to add "Manfred Mann" and "Status Quo" to its early memories.

It's....whatever it is

My kids keep asking whether I think I'm having a boy or a girl (funnily enough Casi is convinced it's a girl, while Aiden and Blake are sure it's a boy). I think it's a boy. In all my previous pregnancies I was sure it was a girl. I got it right once. I have to get this one right just so as to even up the ratio.

And another decision

Recently I decided to give up writing. I just lost the passion for it. Today, however, has seen a change. I want to get back to my novel, the one where Merlin rapes a dragon. I've always seen myself as a novelist, yet somehow managed to find myself waylaid by short stories. I've always promised myself that when I placed my sixth story I'd consider my apprenticeship fulfilled and start on novels again. One story left...

In the meantime, while waiting for that last story to sell, I think I'll get back to the novel at hand.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

You're outta here

Had a great night with Calli, John, Splanky, M Squared and a whole group of others watching the BB eviction on Sunday. Ju and her partner Kenada (sorry about the incorrect spelling but I don't know how it's spelt) hosted and put on a lovely dinner. Opinions ran firmly against Igor and, happy to say, we were right. I love eviction night, but it was even better when joined by a rowdy group of friends.

The highlight of the show was not Igor's departure, but Paul's display of racism. Naturally Battboy and I watched the nomination last night. As soon as it became obvious that Paul was doomed, we ran to our phones. Here's hoping his sorry backside is ejected. (Sorry about the strong language :))

Friends, Romans, Countrymen...

Due to two days of horrendous pain, I've been forced to return to the "Lying down with feet up" state of play. With little else to do, I raided Lee's vid collection and came up with I, Claudius. Brian Blessed is god. The child playing young Claudius is wonderful and I know I've seen the one playing Herod Agrippa before. I think another day of laziness, oops I mean recuperation, should see me right.

Am I fat?

Took my daughter Casi out the other day to buy my first maternity outfit. All my normal clothing is too small. I bought a lovely skirt that looks good and feels really comfortable. Casi was funny. She's very opinionated (she is, afterall, 13) and was quite vocal in what modern mothers are wearing. She has does, however, display a definite preference for overalls which were far too expensive. During my previous pregnancies I went with the loose flowing style of the time. This time around I've chosen to pay homage to Nicky Buckley and take pride in my growing stomach.

That's all for now. Be happy.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

I have an opinion...

Much to Battboy's disgust, I'm rather addicted to Big Brother. I admit it, I'm a compulsive people watcher (not a voyeur as the police keep insisting :)). I love watching the housemates as they struggle to dominate (Aphrodite, Paul), hide in the background (Trevor, Kane, Wesley) or simply fit in (Igor, Terri). I'm also fascinated by the eminantly stupid (Ashalea, Elle, Krystal, Ryan) and the delightfully cute (Merlin)

Here is a rundown as to how I view the House personalities (in no particular order).

Bree. I'm slim and attractive, sort of like Jo from the last house, but not a slut. Notice me enough to like me, but not to vote for me.

Igor. I'm lazy. And a liar (Like we believe the whole 'My ex-girlfriend's out to get me' line? Puhlease.) I also have the personal habits of an orangutan. This amuses me. You should feel honoured that I share my body stenches with you.

Merlin. Vulnerable. Sweet. Please ruffle my hair and pinch my cheeks.

Krystal. I used to be a stripper. Oh god, did I really tell you that? I hope you don't hold it against me. By the way. Did I mention I used to be a stripper?

Paul. I have an opinion. Your opinion doesn't matter. You're all lowlife scum and should be kissing my ... feet. I surf, therefore I'm superior in my knowledge of how real life actually works.

Terri. I also have an opinion and I'm gonna talk all over your opinion and drown you out so no one hears it. Lalalalalalalalala.

And further more: You all nominated me, so I'm gonna shower with my clothes on. Yeah, like that's why you nominated me. It couldn't possibly have anything to do with my inflexible (abrasive) personality.

Wesley. Ummm, you're looking at me. (Smile smile) Oh, look. Is that something shiny? (run run)

Kane. I also surf, but if you want my opinion ask Paul.

Catherine. Is that a radar? Let me duck under it. I have children so I've decided to be the mother figure in the house.

Aphrodite. Boohoo. Waaaaah. Sniff.

Elle. People nominated me? You must all really hate me. Boohoo. Waaaaah. Sniff.

Ashalea. Plastic is the new black. Vietnam War? What's that? (One has to wonder if she's doing a Reggie. Could anyone really be that stupid?)

Ryan.(and I quote) "I'm gonna keep doing it (the diving maneouveur that ended in a broken nose) and if I end up with another broken nose then I'll take it on the chin. (Another contender for the Reggie award. Lee and I ended up ROFLAOing on this one)

Trevor. I'm Louie the Fly, I'm Louie the Fly... I'm just as lovely as Merlin, and therefore a contender for the $1,000,000, but while Merlin happily shares his thoughts and actions with the others, I tend to hide behind Paul's shadow.

So there you have it. Feel free to agree or disagree via Lee's opinion page.

It's Saturday, so...

No Big Brother. We do, however, have the FA cup final. Manchester United go up against Millwall. I've been a Man U fan since about December so I'm rather excited. I have the scarf, the shorts, the crop top and the hat. I'm prepared. (Special thanks go out to my brother Raymond and his partner Donna for filling my request on their recent trip to the UK).
I got into the soccer about a year ago when the last FA cup was on. I don't remember who played, because I spent the night putting Lee's hair into tiny plaits. It did, however, give me a taste of 'coupleness'. Lee and I started spending one hour a week watching the Premier League highlights together. Over the months I got to watch the players, form opinions and make a decision as to who I follow. It was close. Fulham has the cutest manager in Chris Coleman, but in the end, Man U delivered with Ruud Van Nistlerooy, who is not only a brilliant and inspired player, but is also absolutely delicious. I just want to spread him on toast and eat him for breakfast.
Seriously though, there are players in the league whose performances really impress me. Scholes stands out, and Saha, Van Nistlerooy, and sometimes Kiely. Pires and Ameobi can be lovely to watch too.
And of course Makelele. His performance is okay, but my god that name. I wonder if Lee's considered Makelele as a possibility??? :))) I just love saying it.

Recently however, I went on soccer strike for a couple of weeks. Lee has made no bones about his extremely low opinion of BB and those who watch it. He absolutely refused to sit and watch it with me. So I decided it was time for some spousal button pressing. I refused to watch soccer with him. I pointed out that I'd spent a year by his side watching a sport that I'm not really a huge fan of, yet he wouldn't do the same for me. Not only does he now plant his backside next to mine during the daily show, he also suffers through Uncut for me.

But wait there's more...

This week he even picked up his mobile and voted against Elle. Okay, I'd told him to vote for Terri (I can't stand her) but at least it's a start...

Sigh, bliss

My kids are visiting for the weekend. I'm loving it. Last night the four kids were all busy doing their own things on the loungeroom floor. I just lay on the couch, closed my eyes, and listened to them exist within my world. Aiden and Blake fought over the playstation, Casi whined about something hormonal and Erin cried for her dinner. Yes, it was noise, but it was noise that makes it home.
Later, after Erin had gone to bed, we all curled up in front of the heater and watched Joe Dirt. I miss the kids so much. I know Jon's good with them and that he loves them (and they love him) but that doesn't mean that I don't feel the pain of separation each and every day. These kids have been my life for 14 years and I miss them heaps. I went and saw the doctor the other day. She said I'm going through a grieving process similar to death. That's exactly what it's like.

On that note, I'm off to break up another round of arguing. Take care and have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

To be or not to be...

a writer. I'm having troubles getting the old creative juices flowing at the moment. My concentration has turned inwards as I focus on staying pregnant. I tend to wake up in the morning, get Erin ready for the day, catch up on a bit of slush or other reading, have breakfast, take the myriad of "anti-miscarriage" pills, drops and herbs prescribed by my naturopath, then head back to bed for my first nap of the day. After this I'm allowed to watch trashy television (feet up of course)and go through my mail. The day tends to pass in a haze (especially now that we're keeping the Battbrat home) and before I know it, it's time for bed. Writing seems the lowest priority in a really stressful existence. Even Blogging has become a strain.

It's all about the music

Started to compile my "having a baby" cd for hospital. I spent a merry hour or so today choosing songs that will see me through the turbulence of labour. I now have an eclectic 3 hours of songs sitting on Battboy's computer, waiting to be downloaded. I'd tell you what they are, but with copyright laws etc... Hopefully labour won't take longer than 3 hours. I also hope the baby's partial to Queen :)

Maybe I should start a survey. What do YOU think I should play for my new baby :) Go on to Lee's list and let us know.

Have a lovely day.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

9 Weeks and counting

With everything still being touch-and-go with the baby, I've been forced to spend a lot of time resting. Every now and then I send Lee out to the library to update the Practical Parenting magazines and grab some videos. I even managed to step out of the house for half an hour the other day so we could raid Planet Video. The upshot of all this is that I spend about half my waking time reading about the latest in breast pump design, and the other half reliving the Rachel/Ross saga on Friends. Sometime I can accomplish both by watching Series 8 :)

It hasn't all been about Friends, however. Yesterday we decided to hire The Prisoner on DVD. WOW! As a result, Battboy and I have spent the last 24 hours discussing the biblical subtext of the series and the moral/physical/social/emotional ramifications of letting evil loose in Eden. I would love to write an essay on The Prisoner, a deconstructive attempt looking at free will versus the greater good. I've got 31 weeks up my sleeve-- can anyone think of a better way to spend it?

Can I buy a vowel?

9 weeks in and we've decided on baby names. Because of all the problems, we've decided to find out the sex ASAP. The reality of the pregnancy continuing is tenuous at best, but we thought that giving 'Nemo' a name and finding out its gender would help us identify with the little being we're trying so hard to keep.

I'll get by with a little help from my friends

No, I don't mean Monica, Chandler, and the others. I mean everyone out there who has taken the time to contact Lee and I about our difficulties. Thank you all for your thoughts and good wishes. We really appreciate it.


Congrats to Shay and Fe on the birth of their baby boy. A big woohoo to youhoo!

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