Saturday, July 31, 2004


Lee has been shortlisted for the KSP SF&F awards for his story "Dark Ages". I'm extremely proud of him.

Yes, I'm disappointed not to have received anything, but then I received some really awful news in the mail and it put everything in perspective. I can't talk about it here because certain people out there read my blog so I'll keep it to myself and my close personal friends for now. Needless to say, I'm devastated.

On another note: I've just become a proper real true-to-life aunty. My brother Raymond and his partner Donna had their first baby (but second for Donna) on Wednesday, a little girl named Grace Lily. Like us, they knew the sex beforehand, and like us, chose a name as soon as they found out. Connor will have a little cousin who is 4 months older than him. So cool.
My children only have girl cousins. Jon's brother recently added a girl to that side of the family.
I have a brother, a step-brother and a step-sister through my mother's side (I also apparently have half-siblings on my father's, including a half-sister two weeks older than me but as I don't know him they don't count). My brother has a daughter and a step-daughter, my step-brother has a daughter, and my step-sister has two daughters. I have a daughter and a step-daughter. Now here's the interesting bit. In this family of women, I'm the only one to deliver boys. I have two already and one on the way. I feel curiously proud of this.
Of course throwing step-cousins through my relationship with Lee changes things. Lee has two nephews from his brother Scott.

Normal Life

Had a hospital appointment on Wednesday. Naturally, the doctor tried to put me off a home birth, due to all the dangers (I'm an asthmatic so the baby will be deprived of oxygen during labour; as a woman who's already given birth three times I have a higher chance of bleeding to death, etc etc). Lee was rather shaken by it all. I told him that if he's at all uncomfortable with the idea of a home birth, then naturally I will change my plan. This is his labour too. He will never be totally at ease with the idea of me having a baby whether at home or in hospital, but I want him to be as comfortable as possible.


No words as yet for this week, but I'm itching to go. I have, however, spent last night and this morning organising my files so that my laptop and my pc agree and so I have floppy copies.
I set up a folder called "The current 6" which holds the six stories I've chosen to complete to publication standard. This way I won't be overwhelmed by the sight of the forty-odd stories and ideas I have waiting for my attention.

Weekend plans

An Erin-free weekend. Yay! We're off to the hospital to see Grace with the older three children tonight and then dinner at Scott's house tomorrow night. A quiet one other than that. I think we need it after the school holidays. Erin's continuing to wake in excess of 4 times a night which we're finding exhausting so a weekend of sleep is just what the doctor ordered (literally).

Spreading the word

Introduced my best friend Sharon to Coupling last weekend. We were both really depressed over the week we'd had, so got together for a drink and dvd. She couldn't stop laughing. Coupling is one of the funniest series I've ever seen and I'm eager to share it with all and sundry.

Okay, well that's me done for now. Time to get the Batt Brat out of the bath.
Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

The last word

Big Brother is finally finished. This will be my last post on the subject (unless there's any good goss that follows).

So Trev won. To be honest, I wouldn't have minded who won. I liked Bree and I liked Trevor, but I probably would have been more excited if Bree had taken out the million.

What I didn't like however, was Trevor's on-screen marriage proposal. At the time it made me all girly, but then I noticed something that changed my mind. Breea had no sooner accepted than she was pushed out of the way to make room for Gretel and the other housemates.

Now, to my way of thinking, and correct me if I'm wrong, a marriage proposal is an intimate and beautiful moment between a man and woman. The public display of love was romantic (no chance she'd answer with "Oh look, there's the microwave cookbook I've been looking for), but not condusive to the warm and wonderful feeling that a woman feels when the love of her life proposes.

And besides which, he gave her a ring she already owned (her grandmother's. She'd given it to him for his Xmas in July present). The guy's a millionaire now. I'd be expecting him to cough up a rock the size of Rotto.

Life rolls on

I'm off to uni today. My doctor has okayed me to do one unit this semester so I've packed my bag and am ready to face adult life again. I'm excited. My plan is to do one unit this semester (it'll help the weeks pass while waiting for Connor to be born) and one next semester. Hopefully after that I'll be able to take on more of a work load.

Have a great day


Saturday, July 24, 2004

You're joking me...
Ryan's gone! Yaaaaay!!!!! I disliked that man so much. Such a Neanderthal. I left my religion so I wouldn't have to deal with Draconian idiots who believed a woman's place belonged in the 1850's, so I really resented having to watch the attitude there on my TV screen.

On more than one occasion he muttered the words: "Oim giving 2 votes to {insert female housemate's name here) because she's not ladyloike enough. She swears, which isn't roight for a woman.

I'm the first to admit I don't like swearing, but it's an attitude that I apply across the sexes.

Losing Ryan was one of the hoighloights of my week.

Next stop, Paul.

What a week...
Just when you think it's safe to give up alcohol for the sake of your unborn child, life serves you up a week from hell. I'll fill my friends in when we meet up next.

But then again...
Every night Lee and I go through our "lists of five". This is five good things that happened to us during the day. On reflection I've had quite a good week on the whole. Here's a list of five for the week.

  1. I've had my kids home and they've been an absolute joy. Apart from an argument with Cass on Saturday night I haven't had an ounce of trouble all week. The kids have been fabulous. (Naturally, as I'm writing this, they start arguing over gambling rules :))
  2. Toilet training is now back on track. Erin gets a jelly bean each time she goes to the toilet. Right now the other three are trying to convince me that since they also go to the toilet and don't need nappies they should also get lollies.
  3. Lee's at the KSP Book-In-A-Day. This is where he pays good Australian dollars for the privilege of getting together with a bunch of other authors to put together a write in one day. It's for charity with proceeds going to PMH. I was supposed to go too, but with 4 kids it was impossible for us both to attend. Even with just Erin it was impossible and so Lee's going. He suggested I go but as he's the bigger name, I declined.
  4. Oh of course! Nemo. He's a boy. 'Nemo' is slowly being phased out as we get used to calling our boy 'Connor'. We had our 20 week ultrasound this week. The mid-wife came yesterday for my monthly check up. She deciphered the ultrasound notes for me and proclaimed everything "perfect for a normal delivery".
  5. Blake was incredibly cute the other day. We were watching TV when the Cadbury ad came on. We got to chatting about what it would be like to live in a world of chocolate (hormonal women the world over unite to make this dream a reality). We talked about the sun and how not only would it melt all the chocolate, but would also melt itself. Lee said "That's impossible, because chocolate is dark," to which my little darling suggested "Not if it was made from light chocolate". We nearly killed ourselves laughing.
  6. (Yes I know it was meant to be 5 but...) I'm very proud of Lee. He met his 10,000 word count on his novel this week which was, if I can quote Paul (and I think I can) "Huge, mate!" He wanted to have it done by mid-August. It wasn't easy, but he reached it with room to spare.

Okay, I'm off to get this day going. We're off to Lee's nephews birthday party tomorrow so the kids and I are heading out to buy Harrison a present.

Have a lovely weekend.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Look, colour.
Blogger has seen fit to give us a whole lot of new options, including colour. Yay! 

I've had my children home for the past week and it's been fantastic. Apart from the usual teenage angst, we've had a great time. We went to the zoo, and to my best friend's party and, well, heaps of stuff. I love being with the kids. It's horrible when they're not here. This week we're doing Sci-Tech.


We've all been struck down with a cold of one variety and another. I'm the last to have it and I'm siiiiiiick. I have the sort of cough that makes you think of old smokers and a roaring head and neck ache. Erin's gone to her grandparents for a few days because I've just been too sick to deal with her and the other three and their illnesses. Being sick  has meant that I've needed rest and a break. Unlike the rest of the house I can't take medications to make myself feel better so someone had to go and it had to be our girl. We miss her, but I'm really appreciating the sleep (and the relative quiet :)).


Lee went off to the KSP SF group yesterday. I decided to use the time productively. I asked Blake to bring me my lap-top and Aiden to grab me a bowl of raw Nutri-Grain and then propped myself up in bed for a spot of writing. I chose The Rat's Tale, a story I started over a year ago for Rob Hood and Robin Pen's Daikaiju collection. After two hours I had not only managed to add 1208 words to the story but brought it to a close. Yay me! I felt very pleased with myself because it's the first spot of "real" writing I've done since falling pregnant. The story reads quite well and I'm a happy girl. Now to get Lee to give it a going over for me.

Big Brother

I can't say I was entirely surprised that Catherine went last night. I was hoping it would be either Ryan or Paul, but I was pretty sure it would be Cat. I think in the end it will come down to Paul and Bree. Trevor may be a quiet stayer but I think he'll go Friday.

Be happy and have a lovely week!!!

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Quick catch up

It's a long time between blogs so for the benefit of those who care, I thought I'd bring everyone up to speed.



Oh, I've had two stories accepted for publication. One with Word Thirst 2 (non-paying but at least it's a publication to list) and the other with ASIM (paying but not until some time next year). I seem to have drunk my creativity well dry lately, so this good news will hopefully spur me on again.

The story with ASIM is the one that I'm proudest of. Titled "The Memory of Breathing" it's a story that took about a month to write and then about 2 months to edit. The biggest compliment I've received came from our very own Dave Luckett, who told me "Please don't make me read stuff like that again. It kept me awake all night thinking about the ramifications. I'm an old man and I need my sleep. It scared the hell out of me."

Just when you thought it was safe to change the channel. Big Brother thoughts

Lee and I both voted for Paul last week, though we both agreed that it would be Ashaley to go. Imagine our surprise when we watched Bree being evicted. Bree is pretty much the only house-mate that we both like. She's interesting, intelligent and is capable of standing up to the boys. Lee would probably add that she looks good in a pair of jeans :) (What is it about men and jeans????)

Monday morning I decided to take some 'me' time and have a long soak in the tub. Lee came bursting in with the news that there'd been a mistake and that Bree was going back in. We receive news updates via our email, so we got it pretty much as soon as it happened.

We've become rather bored by BB lately and I was actually contemplating doing some work at 7pm this week. Not now though. Have to see who goes tomorrow night. Then three days later another 2 go.

Here's an update on my Housemate opinions.

Paul - Hated him at first, but I've grown rather fond of him. He's morally upright when it comes to relationships and is obviously in love with his wife and kids. I do still tend to vote for him though. I'd like to keep him in, but I don't want him to win.

Bree - Love her. Strong, intelligent, not afraid to confront Paul and use his own tactics against him. I'd be happy if she won. Especially now.

Wesley - Cute, but far too aware of the radar and his place below it. He also has the ugliest brothers in the world, yet somehow they manage to look like him. Scary. They all seem to get their hair done at 'bleached-blonde-razor-cuts-R-us'.

I didn't like the way he didn't own up to posing the "who's not pulling their weight" question so I don't respect him. No winner here.

Ashaley - Just like my daughter, only older. Casi thinks she's wonderful. I just shake my head in horror at what she (Ashaley) comes out with. I know if she and Casi met, they'd be best friends. I wouldn't give Casi $1,000,000 so therefore...

Catherine - Just like me, only younger (by two years). I like her a lot. I'd happily give me $1,000,000 so therefore...

Trevor - He's lovely. He's funny, sensitive, sweet, but not very forthcoming with opinions, which irks me. I don't mind if he wins, but I'd rather he didn't.

Ryan - This guy went to the toilet in his jeans whilst on a time-trial with the Crows. No prize for the man. Can't stand him.

Monica - When Monica came into the house, I actually thought she could become the first intruder to take home the big prize. Then she broke the big rule.

She went into the house with a boyfriend. Not a problem in and of itself. It's the making up to Ryan that gets me going. Either she's committed to her boyfriend or she's not. Flirtation is one thing, but she's gone beyond that. I hope she goes very soon. I also hope her boyfriend dumps her sorry butt on stage.

And now onto other things...

I'm 18 weeks pregnant today. I'm getting heaps of movement. The boys are always feeling my tummy in the hope they'll feel it too, but no luck. Lee tends to rub my stomach whilst talking. He's very touchy-feely about it all, which is lovely. I hope the baby makes big movements soon, so my three boys can be rewarded.

I have an ultrasound next week. I also have my kids next week and for the whole of the school holidays. I'm hoping that they'll be allowed in to see the baby. This time we can find out the sex if we want. We've decided to ask them to write it down and put it in an envelope.

Okay, that's all for today. Enjoy the rest of the week.

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