Tuesday, October 26, 2004

When Portia met Sarah

For all those people who laughed when I said my assignment was comprised of discussing the similarities between Portia from Merchant and Sarah Connor from Terminator. Guess what! I received a High Distinction. Woohoo to meehee! I also used my essay to have a rant about the way pregnant women are treated at university and my tutor loved it.

I feel good.

But tired.

Had a spot of trouble with my daughter last night. As a result I've had 3 hours sleep in the past 48 hours. So very very tired.

Week's roundup

Sold a story
Sent out two more
Received a fantastic mark for uni
Wrote my will
Applied to be KSP emerging writer in residence
Bought a new laptop
Bought Sims
Bought a baby bag
Made space for the bassinette (when my little bro brings it back)

What Lee did

Brought this really cool Nosferatu t-shirt. It's fantastic. I love it. I'm waiting for him to put it in the wash so I can steal it.

But wait, there's more...

Sheldon has come up trumps again. This guy is on a roll. Last Sunday he provided me with pregnancy-friendly sushi, this week he fixed my computer woes. I love Sheldon. As I mentioned previously, I have a shiny new laptop. It's beautiful, but guess what...no floppy drive. I wanted to send some stories out this week but they were stuck on the old laptop and there was no way I could email them to their prospective publishers. Sheldon came to the rescue. He took my old laptop home and transferred all my files onto a CD-ROM for me. Battboy and I picked the CD up tonight and everything went according to plan. The stories are gone and I'm happy.

I'd also like to thank both John and PRK for looking into the problem for me and for coming up with alternatives. It's nice to have such clever and caring friends.

It really is about the friends

Another fun bad movie night last night. We watched Hudson Hawk (provided by the gorgeous Kylie) and for once I actually enjoyed the bad movie. Chances, as per usual, was a scream, particularly the bit where the two old blokes hid under the prostitute's bed and found a... well I'll leave that to your imagination.

We had a good turn out. PRK and Torrie arrived bearing a HUGE bag of Cadbury's chocolates (factory seconds that tasted fantastic) which the four of us hoed into before everyone else arrived. Calli, John and Kylie turned up about half an hour later with Sheldon arriving in time for Chances. Kylie brought left-over pizza, I made minestrone soup and PRK and Torrie supplied cheesecake. As usual we thoroughly enjoyed it. After everyone left, Battboy and I did our usual glance at the dishes and then sat up talking for about an hour.

I have a deep thought sigh...apparently

Battboy just asked if I was blogging. Pretty impressive since he's on the other side of the room and is heavily involved in his game. Amazed, I asked how he knew. "You sat back and sighed."
"And?" "It was your deep thought sigh." Together 18 months and he can interpret my sighs.

Guilty pleasures

Talking of games, I've invested in Sims Deluxe. Lee's at me pretty constantly now to slow down and take breaks instead of constantly being on the go. As incentive he told me I could buy a new game for my laptop. I chose Sims. I love it. I still keep active, but balance an hour of housework with an hour of Sim-rest. He's pretty heavily into Hyperballoid, an Arkenoid variation. I'd like to think he's swapped his eBay addiction for this addiction, but not so. He's pretty addicted to both.


I was on eBay this arvo and bought a brand new baby bag for $50. It's cool and exactly what I've been looking for. We received three parcels from eBay today, two games for the boys and a Paddington Bear outfit for Connor. Going to the letter box is just like Christmas.

Have a lovely week.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Meet Kif

I have a new toy. His name is Kif and he's my Happy Computer. I'm sitting at him right now, typing in my first Blog. Why Kif? As I was setting up my new laptop (an LG s50-5) I was asked to give it a name and a description. I was going to go with Hal, which is apparently IBM minus 1. Battboy told me that since my new (electronic) baby is an LG it should be LG minus 1, hence KF, hence Kif. Kif is also my favourite Futurama character.

Blame Ju. She was here at the time spreading her 'squeee-ness' around.

Good movie night

Asked John around yesterday to fix Battboy's computer. He and Calli arrived at about 6:30. While John and Lee did the computer thing, I was treated to a lovely foot massage by Calli and Ju. Then the five of us sat down to a delicious dinner of lamb casserole with gnocchi and Baker's Delight bread followed by peach and apple pie and custard and cream (there goes Battboy's diet for yet another day :)) We decided to watch a good movie together for a change. Ju chose "A Mighty Wind". Great choice, babe!! We laughed ourselves stupid. It was a great night.

More gizmos and gadgets

John's advised Lee and I to network our computers (using newfangles wireless technology) and to switch from floppy drives to thumb drives. These little doodads are really cool and fit on your key ring. We're both so getting one each. When we move we're going to get broadband and stop all this cord nonsense.


We saw the chiropractor today. Lee's a mess and had quite the work over. He has twice weekly visits for the next couple of weeks, then moves on to weekly, then monthly. Greg thinks he can help him. Between the crunching, light exercise and a more balanced diet, we should have Battboy on the mend in time for the wedding.
I also had an adjustment. The belt is working well, but it isn't actually fixing the problem, just holding it together. Greg identified the exact location of my troubles and went to work. I feel somewhat better, although I've been advised to stop squatting when dealing with Erin and picking things up and I'm not to take any more raspberry leaf for the time being. I don't mind cutting out the tablets, but I do mind the squatting thing. I'm Erin's mother, yet I'm not allowed to pick her up or move down to her. It really makes it hard to find contact time with her. I asked Greg to deal with the baby's position, but he didn't seem all that worried.


One more week. Thank god. The lectures are killing me. I have an exam in a month when I'll be 37 weeks. For some reason I have it in my head that I'll deliver at 37 weeks. Uni was such a bad idea. I decided to do one unit in order to keep my mind active while going through the final countdown. I didn't take teeny-weeny seats and afternoon lectures into account.

Take care out there and have a great weekend.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

A sale

I'm a happy camper. Yesterday I sold my story "The Hanging Tree" to Borderlands. It'll appear in issue 5. Lee also has a story appearing in that issue, which will be the first magazine we appear in together as separate entities.

And now I do the dance of joy.

Baby news

He's big. He's active. He's the wrong way around. My little boy has decided that he doesn't want to be head-down. Hell, he doesn't even want to be bum-down. No, being his father's son, he's decided he wants to do things the difficult way and lay across my stomach, back arching against the wall of my uterus (unlike a normal transverse where they lie with their back downwards). Apparently it's not uncommon for babies to do this, but generally they turn by 32 weeks. Well, we're now at 33 weeks and he seems pretty comfortable. I'm seeing my chiropractor on Friday so I'm going to see if he can manipulate him into position, but if not, then the doctor can attempt to turn him at 36 weeks under ultrasound (so I've just been reading). If that fails, then it's a Caesarean birth.
The doctor seemed to think Connor's very big, so I have to have a growth ultrasound in 2 weeks to determine just how big. After this, we can make a decision regarding inductions (transverse lie not withstanding) etc.

The kindness of strangers

Battboy and I went shopping yesterday. A woman sitting outside a cafe called out "Not long to go now!" God let her be psychic.

Gizmos and gadgets

I'm getting a new laptop tomorrow. I'm so excited.

Take care.

Monday, October 18, 2004

This week I'm in love with...

Sheldon. He brought pregnancy-friendly sushi to the picnic on Sunday. No seafood, no mayo, freshly made just before he came. Bless you, Sheldon. I am forever grateful. Lee has been given strict instructions that the minute the baby and I are settled on the ward, he is to run off and buy me sushi. I miss sushi. And camembert. And pate.

Greg. I had an adjustment with my chiropractor today and the relief was pretty much immediate. This pregnancy has been, without a doubt, the most difficult for me to endure and it just keeps getting worse. The other day Battboy and I had our "How to be a parent" class at the hospital. The midwife realised how much pain I was in and booked me in for an emergency session with the physio. I was offered a special belt and crutches, both of which I mocked. By nightfall I would have given anything for the crutches as I could no longer walk without Lee's assistance. Somehow I got through the weekend and made it to my appointment this morning. Fifteen minutes later I could walk totally unaided. Lee and I walked around the block and I feel great. I also had a roaring headache (usual pregnancy problem for me) when I went in which has dulled itself to a discomfit in my temples. Greg also offered the elasticated belt which I took this time, and yes, it has helped. It seems that the front of my pelvic bone has come apart. I had a fall at about 16 weeks which damaged my pelvis and the rapid growth of the Battbaby has put a lot of extra strain on it. The belt pushes the bone back in place and lifts the baby away from it.

Brett. For finding an extra place for the Battbrat at childcare.

Lee. For accepting "Because they're size 5" as a perfectly logical reason for buying a new pair of shoes this morning.

Lee again. For being as upset this morning as I was when it came time to say goodbye to the kids after a fantastic week. We had the most wonderful time. Cass was on her best behaviour and the whole holiday period went without a hitch. The boys were delightful and taught Battboy the fine art of Yu-Gi-Oh. They even made him up his own deck.

Lee part III. For encouraging me to apply for the KSP Writer-In-Residence and have a go at the Writers of the Future competition. For some reason he believes in my talent and wants me to pursue my craft.

My kids. All four of them. Love them all to bits, they bring never-ending joy to my life.

My baby. Every roll, every kick, every tap reminds me that it's all been worth it.

The midwife at the hospital. For believing that Lee and I absolutely have a good reason for wanting an induction and is going to talk to the doctor about it. And for arranging the physio session for me. She's the first medical person to actually care about the problems Lee and I are having with this pregnancy.

Kaneda. He's just so good with my kids. They all love him to pieces.

Doug. Cassie's boyfriend. For having a joke with me on the phone last night.

Cassie. For defending the Lizards in V. Priceless.

Slimming magazine. For telling me that the average block of chocolate contains 8 insect legs. My need for chocolate is pretty much non-existent now. Battboy and I took the kids to the Chocolate Factory yesterday and I ate a LOT less than I normally would. In fact, my only real purchase was a jar of Onion and Rosemary Marmalade. Yes, I did eat some chocolate, but I figure the amount equated to about 1/4 of an insect leg.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Here's hoping

As many of you are aware, I've undergone a certain amount of angst over the behaviour of my 13-year-old lately. Twenty two years ago I was her age and was soooooo certain I'd have a better understanding of my child than what my father afforded me. Unfortunately, it hasn't quite panned out that way partly because a) she lives with her father which has affected our relationship somewhat and b) she is 13 and I just don't understand why the aliens won't bring my lovely daughter back.

Well, last night Cass and I sat down and had a huge heart to heart about our differences and the way we view each other. One thing we did agree on was we do love each other and don't mean to hurt each other and that generally a lot of what we fight about comes down to simple misunderstanding. This morning we repeated the experience, except that it was Lee and Cass having the discussion while I refereed (if I'm confused about the stroppy teen imagine how the step-daddy feels. This is all 10 years ahead of schedule for him).

Having cleared the air, the three of us have had a great day of laughing and enjoying each other's company. It seems the aliens heard my pleas. For now. She is, after all, still 13.

And then...
This morning, armed with a newly paid-off Visa card, I took Cass shopping at Supre. $102 (and 90 minutes) later she has two new outfits and a belt. What really amazed me was that I had an opportunity to survey other teens at play with their mums. Believe it or not, Cass had the best manners there. I guess I'm not a complete failure after all. She was so happy with her purchases she didn't even whinge when I dragged her around Baby-On-A-Budget. In fact, she got a little huffy when I wanted to leave. We met up with Battboy and the Triffbrats for lunch and a wander around the shops.


Lee had a car accident yesterday morning. He phoned me to let me know so I could find the insurance details. I nearly fainted on the spot. "Darling, I've had a car accident." All my worst fears tied up in five little words.
When he got home he kept apologising for it. I just looked at him sitting there opposite and felt relieved. The man I love more than my own life was safe and well, if a little sore and sorry for himself. I just couldn't stop touching him.


We went out to the Dusit Thai Restaurant for a Swancon dinner last night. Best Thai EVER! Well worth the expense and it was great to catch up with the crowd. Lee and I are officially in love with Sean Williams. He is one of the sweetest people to walk the SF stage.


I keep having Braxton-Hicks contractions. While not painful, they do make me feel rather nauseous. Not long now.

Holiday fun

Cass keeps on insisting we listen to her radio station while in the car. I've had a lot of fun saying "70's song remixed, 80's song remixed, last week's song remixed." She thinks she's listening to something new and funky and I start singing along. Gotta love it.

We have had fun these holidays. When the kids came home on Monday they brought two friends with them, Laura and Ambrosea. Battboy and I took them all out to lunch at Sizzler followed by Garfield on Monday, Uni for lunch on Tuesday, Bayswater Waves yesterday and Yu-Gi-Oh/Supre today.

32 weeks

Apparently my little boy now has eyebrows and eyelashes and if I were to play the same piece of music to him every day from now on, he'd recognise it once born. "Neighbours... Everybody needs good neighbours..."

On that note, be happy.

Monday, October 11, 2004


Battboy and I have just returned from Wasteland. Well, to be absolutely truthful, I returned about 4 hours ago. Lee arrived about half an hour ago. After an extremely bad night of calf cramps and stomach pain I had to get home. I was in bed last night when the fire alarm at the hotel went off. Naturally we had to climb down 3 flights of stairs and out into the street. The fire truck turned up, the men had a quick look and then informed us the emergency was a small kitchen fire. We were then allowed to return to our rooms.

I was shattered. Even now my calves feel as if they've been shredded. I came home, had a hot bath and a quiet read then fell asleep for an hour.

But there's always a silver lining.

I woke up feeling quite refreshed. I came up with two story lines during the course of the weekend and wanted to get them down. The first line of one of the stories popped into my head. I typed it in then decided to send out the two stories that had been rejected last week. Once they went I wrote the next line of the story (currently called Moonzone) and the next. I'm now about 600 words into it and feeling good.

One more night

And I get to see my kids again. I can't wait. It's been over a week and I miss them hugely. It was a big decision to go to Wasteland this weekend. They spent the time between a friend of mine and their dad and I didn't get to see the children as planned, but I decided Battboy really needed the break. He's so stressed about the upcoming birth and needed distracting.

Well, back to writing.
Have a lovely week.

Oh yeah...

My "Writer in Residence" t-shirt went down a treat. It looks fantastic. I got heaps of compliments which I then directed Battboy's way.
And Connor had his first con-badge. 8 weeks before he's due. I'll be putting it in his baby album.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

I hate to complain...

...and generally I don't, but...

A few years ago I became acquainted with the term SNAFU. I never had a true appreciation of what it meant until recently. (For those who are trying to work it out: it's an old army term meaning Situation Normal, All F'd Up)
I woke up this morning, Lee asked me how I felt and SNAFU jumped into my head.

Another night of Erin crying. (3 times. Apparently only I heard her.)
Another night of waking up and grinding my teeth against the discomfit (read incredible pain) as I turn over (I am so over this pregnancy).
Another blood nose in the shower (I woke up covered in blood the other night. My hands, my chest, my face, my teeth and the pillow were soaked. It was everywhere. Did I mention I'm over this pregnancy deal?)
Another day without my kids.
Another day where my uni assignment ceased to make any sense at all (it's due in tomorrow).
Another story rejection (the second this week).
I had to leave my lecture the other day because those desk-chairs (that seemed fine and dandy this time last year) are WAAAAAY too small. I sat in the chair (not so bad) and then pulled the desk up. Couldn't be done. The desk cut into my stomach. I needed the desk to take notes, but ended up in so much pain I phoned Lee to pick me up. I felt like a big failure. I decided to do a unit this year because I wanted to prove to myself and various other people that I am a capable, independent woman who is able to do anything she puts her mind to. I also wanted to keep my mind active during the pregnancy as those last eight weeks or so can feel like years. I forgot to take into account the fact that desks and stomachs don't mix.

All in all, I'm feeling pretty low today.

Oh well, back to the assignment, then I'm off to send some more stories out, plus find new homes for the two rejected. My kids arrive tomorrow and get to stay a whole WEEK so Battboy and I are busy planning activities, then packing for Wasteland. As for the pain, at the end of it all I will have a little boy, so anything I go through now is worth it.

Have a great day and be happy.

PS On a positive note: Battboy sold another story. I'm so very very incredibly proud of him. The story, Pater Familias, is a creepy little horror piece and I knew it would be quickly snapped up. Well done, my darling!!!

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