Friday, November 26, 2004


Hi everyone. Battboy here. Just wanted to tell you all that Lyn gave birth to our son Connor today. She'll have a lot to tell you when she comes back from the hospital, but you can get a few New-Daddy-Addled details from my blog until then.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Happy to be of service

Lee and I took my boys to the movies yesterday to see "Polar Express". As I'm at a stage of not being able to walk, Lee left me in the car andran off to get a wheel chair from Centre Management. While I burst into fresh tears, this brought much entertainment value to Aiden and Blake. The second I was comfortably settled, the fight was on as to who was going to push me. Lee won, but I allowed the boys a go each while he visisted an ATM.

It was terrifying. My body was totally at the control of these two dervishes. I gave strict instructions as to where and how fast they could take me. Aiden is nearly 12, Blake is 10. Do you think they listened to me???? At least it stopped me crying :)

Worst service EVA!!!

We visited the chiropractor this morning then decided to have breakfast out after enduring one of the worst weeks of our lives. Fast Eddies was agreed upon. Fast Eddies, Carousel to be precise. The service was terrible. We were served by a waitress for whom English wasn't even a recognisable language let alone a second one (Lee ordered Nachos and was asked "Would you like anchovies with that?") After repeating our orders for the eighth time (Pancakes and Banana Smoothie for me, Nachos and Vanilla malted [or melted according to the waitress] milkshake for Battboy) we sat back and waited. Lee's Nachos and BANANA unma[e]lted milkshake arrived. Fifteen minutes later my pancakes followed, just as Lee's plate was being cleared away. The banana smoothie was in the blender as we paid. We refused to pay for our drinks and told them they had the worst service of any place we'd ever visited. "And we're never coming back" Lee snapped as the cashier stammered excuses.

Good cuppa joe

Furious and thirsty I dragged Battboy off to Gloria Jean's. My faith in the service industry was restored as I sat on their super-comfy chair and sipped my iced latte. Lee and I calmed down and even shared a laugh for the first time in a week. I love Gloria Jean's.

My chiropractor

Greg Marslen is the best chiro in the world. I can walk again, albeit very slowly and with a great deal of pain, but at least I can put one foot in front of the other. Literally. For a while there, I'd actually found the action of lifting my feet and placing them down too traumatic to contemplate, so in effect forgot how to walk. If you need a chiro, this is the one I'd recommend. I wish I could take him into the labour ward with me. My visits to him are the only thing that keeps me from slitting a vein (my big, beautiful, bleeds very easy veins). He also made a comment in passing that got my hopes up. As we were walking (yay, walking!) out he said "I'd like to see you in a week, but I don't think you'll make it." Since he'd just spent ten minutes manipulating my pelvis I felt he might have known something about the current state of play.

Polar Express

Don't see it unless you're aged between 4 and 8. We hated it, the boys were dismissive of it. No recognisable plot, more a tale of how clever some CGI guys consider themselves to be. Tom Hanks has one voice and about five parts. Not good in any one's language.


This is our last true Erin-Free Weekend. Usually we have no kids and a whole weekend for being a couple. The next one will see Connor in our lives. We're making the most of the break and shutting ourselves off from the world.

Home Improvements

My man has discovered Ikea and Bunnings. God help us. He thinks the best thing about Bunnings is that it's open all weekend. Funny, cos I think the worst thing about Bunnings is that it's open all weekend. I've become a DIY widow. And we're not even married yet :)

Have a fun weekend. I'm off to rest and put my feet up.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Back on board...almost

Well after what amounted to pretty much a two day stay in hospital, I'm back home and on the road to recovery. Pretty much. Being hooked up to machines and having medical staff fussing over me was a pretty big wake up call as to how I've handled this pregnancy. Lee is forever telling me to sit down, rest, take a break, but there's always "one more thing". Right now I'm so full of needle holes that I've decided he (and the doctors) are right and I'm going to do nothing for the next two weeks. Just as soon as I've put that load of washing on the line...


Some women have lovely legs, others have a tight butt. I, on the other hand (or indeed both) have beautiful veins. When it comes to the medical profession, I'm the Marilyn Monroe of the venal world. They're blue, they're thick and they lie close to the surface of my skin. Doctors and nurses alike exclaim over the wonder of my veins. Students fall over themselves to practice their blood taking abilities upon me.

So why is it that, over those two days, I had two doctors utterly fail to put the drips in properly the first time? On Sunday afternoon the first doctor experienced the usual Big O while trying to hook me up but then mucked up. At least he apologised before trying his art out on another vein. On Monday morning the situation was a little more of an emergency. The second doctor didn't even use a local. She went straight in for the kill, with the strict instructions "don't move, don't flinch, stay right there," then got mad at me when I did indeed flinch. We hated her. The hatchet job was so bad that the sheets were soaked with blood, which was just what I needed to see in my condition.

One less thing to worry about

Connor's corner is done. It's amazing what a two day stay in hospital can accomplish. I came home to find that not only was our bedroom clean, but the bassinette and change table were set up and made (with required mobile purchased mounted) and the surrounding walls festooned with Winnie the Pooh stickers. Lee's done an amazing job. I feel so loved. I cried. (I've cried a lot over the past few days.)

Are we there yet?

37 weeks today. As of now, the baby is term. He can born now without any problems. I'm off to the hospital today for another growth scan. He really is too big. I'm beginning to think a caesarean will be ordered. My pelvic bone can no longer cope with carrying my body around, let alone pushing through a monster baby.

Take care and thank you to everyone who has emailed, phoned, left messages and visited (big apology and thanks to Ju). Lee and I have really appreciated your support over the past few days.

Sunday, November 14, 2004


Yesterday I had a conversation with my ex-husband, assuring him that I wouldn't be going into labour this weekend so all the children's plans could go ahead as normal. After all I'm only 36 1/2 weeks. Plenty of time.

This morning I woke up at four am feeling panicky and energised. Five minutes later I had a contraction which left me feeling panicky and sick. Twenty five minutes later, another followed. I decided not to say anything to Battboy. He'd organised to go out today on a TV pilot shoot and I didn't want to ruin it for him. Besides, it was probably a false alarm. They were still mild and far apart. Nothing to worry about. I hoped.

At five fifteen we left the house for Grant's. I had another contraction which Lee picked up on. 11 minutes later and we had the next. Lee immediately headed for home, phoned Grant and put me to bed. Naturally the contractions stopped.

And now I feel very stupid and depressed. The contractions are back to their mild Braxton Hicks. I'm so disappointed for Lee. I know how much he was looking forward to this and I ruined it for him. Except I still can't shake the feeling that it's not long. I have a major headache and feel shaky and hot. And I'm doing everything I can to bring this baby on. Something's happening. I just don't think it'll be today after all.


I shared a beautiful moment with my oldest daughter the other day. Up til now Cassie has avoided touching my tummy, labelling the rolling mass as 'freaky'. On Thursday though, Connor was putting on quite a display, kicking himself from one side to the other and generally having fun. Cassie, who was sitting in the front seat of the car with me, was chatting away, telling us about some deep and meaningful conversation she'd had with a boy at school (about the Raggy Dolls of all things). I grabbed her hand and lay it upon my stomach. She continued for about 5 seconds and then the penny dropped. Her eyes bulged and her jaw dropped. "I can feel that," she whispered. "Wow." She kept her hand there for ages, just looking into my eyes and grinning. It was a magical moment and I'm so glad we shared it.

I'm not up for blogging much. Will write more during the week. Take care.

Friday, November 12, 2004

End In Sight

Uni is over. Woohoo! I walked in, sat down, did my exam and walked out 2 hours and 20 minutes later. It's such a relief to know that the unit is behind me. I decided to do one unit just to keep my mind active in the long, final weeks of the pregnancy. Now the exam is over I feel ready to have this baby. I am so over this pregnancy lark. I've been getting a lot of Braxton-Hicks contractions over the past few days. I've spent the afternoon encouraging the baby to turn them into the real thing.


The bassinette is complete with a new mattress being purchased for it today. I've decided to let Battboy make the bassinette up for me while I'm in hospital. I've been very baby-focussed whereas Lee has been house-focussed. I've decided to reverse things. I'm going to finalise our bedroom tonight and Lee is in charge of having the baby's bed ready when I get home from hospital.

Weekend contingency plans

We have the kids home for the weekend. Now that the end is in sight, we've been laying plans as to what happens if... Their uniforms are in the wash and will be packed as soon as they're dry so if I go into labour, they're prepared. Erin's bag is ready, my friends are all on notice that Connor is not all that far away.

If only...

the house wasn't such a mess. Battboy has borne the brunt of organising everything as I've spent the week entirely focussed on study and exam prep. Now uni's over I've turned my attention wholly inwards. My feet are spending more time up and my head is reacquainting itself with my pillow. But, I do want the house clean. I had a sleep this arvo so I can spend time this evening getting our room finished.

My hero

I really don't know what I would have done without Battboy this week. Exams aside, I've been an emotional and physical wreck as my stomach continues its outward trek. My skin feels stretched and sore and I can't find a comfortable position. Most mornings I can barely put one foot in front of the other as the pain is just too much. I've burst into tears on more than one occasion and demanded that Lee take me to the hospital so I can have this alien removed. He's been there totally for me every step of the way, providing physical assistance when I can't move and a t-shirt-clad shoulder for me to mop my tears up on. He helped me up the steps to my exam this morning and then had a potted flower waiting for me when I emerged at the end of it all. I love this man more than anything in the world.


Today he downloaded Green Jelly's Three Little Pigs. This is the coolest song. I'd forgotten how much fun it was. I'm not a 'thrash your head about' type of person, but I just can't help it with this. It's on our We're Having a Baby play list for hospital. If that doesn't get things moving, nothing will.

Downing Tools

In an effort to simplify my priorities, I've told the crew at ASIM that I won't be an editor anymore. Writing is my passion and I want to concentrate on that. With all the family hiccups and the impending birth/newborn I've decided to give ASIM a miss. As of now, if you receive a rejection, it wasn't me :)

Have a brilliant weekend.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

New abode

We've moved. The loungeroom is pretty much set up, our bedroom has the required bed, drawers and bassinette. Erin's bed and clothes are set up. The boy's room is not too terrible. Everything else is a mess. The removalists managed to break the birthday present I bought Battboy last year (an Indian peace-pipe on a stand) as well as his computer desk. Fortunately we took out insurance so we will be hitting them up for a reimbursement. We're very unhappy with the removalists. They quoted us $700 for the job, then charged $1600. If you want to know who they are so you can avoid them, just ask.

Lee's pretty much unpacked everything himself (albeit with a fair amount of help from the amazing Sheldon and a hand from Calli and John). I just can't do anything. I'm either in pain, studying for Friday's exam or exhausted (or a mixture of all three). He's also kept Erin in line so I can recuperate/study/rest. Lee is my hero this week.

Many happy returns

It's my honey's birthday tomorrow. We just had the kids here and they gave him their present and cards. I gave Lee his present on Monday. It's a sculpture made from wingnuts and bolts and represents two men wearing glasses and playing soccer. I took one look and thought "Cool!" I had to buy it and give it to him straight away. The kids bought Lee a watch and chose their own cards.

A complete waste of time (I love it)

We have Foxtel. Despite the fact that Battboy and I aren't huge TV watchers (although we are addicted to the current incarnation of The Practice), we seemed to spend a lot of yesterday with our eyes glued to the plug in drug. Invader Zim, Urban Legends Revealed, Mummy Hunters, The Pretender (starring the totally disfellowship-worthy Michael T Weiss), and of course...


What a let down that was. Yes, it contained some of the same faces as 18 years ago. Only now, they're old. Even Ian. And he was my age last time I watched it. Very distressing because now he looks nearly 40.

Back to The Practice

Shatner rocks. Spader is amazing. I gave up watching The Practice about 2 years ago. I checked it out when they announced Spader was joining and I have to say I love him, but, oh my god, I'm so into Danny Crane. The writer knows his William Shatner. He and Spader get the best lines. I'm loving it.

Last milestone

36 weeks today. This is pretty much the last major milestone before the baby comes. I had a hospital appointment today. While his head is down, it's not low enough to give birth yet. But then again, this is my fourth pregnancy so that's not really an indication. I go back in two weeks (no clinic next week due to exams) and they'll have a look at how close I am to delivery.

Please let it be over soon. I have an exam on Friday. After that I'm going to be doing my best to bring this baby on. There are a lot of stairs at uni.

School girl

I started researching my exam on Masculine Theory. Somehow I've ended up working on Queer Theory instead. Shakespeare is a good subject because a lot has been written about his sexual preferences. I'm working on Sonnet XX. No ambiguity there. He was clearly writing about a man. Personally, I don't think that makes him gay, just appreciative of the male form.

Speaking of which...

I have to get some study done. Take care.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Buddha boy

I had an ultrasound today to pinpoint how big Connor is and whether I'll be able to deliver him naturally. Not only is he big, he's fat. He has a big tummy and is the size of a 36 week baby. This apparently caused some concern because a fat baby normally indicates gestational diabetes. A quick look through my notes showed that I'd tested negative at 28 weeks, so the doctor decided that it wasn't a problem after all. I'm just having a chubby bubby. The head and everything is fine so the doctor isn't seeing any real problems in a natural delivery, but asked Battboy and I how we felt about an epidural. He felt that the pelvic pain could be a problem(it's getting a lot worse again and the belt barely makes a difference) and that we'd be better off with an epidural. We nodded and said "yes, please". So my natural, drug free, home birth has turned into a hospital-based birth with all the trimmings. On the positive side, no one will expect me to do anything more than lie around in bed feeding the baby and occasionally changing his nappy. I can't wait.

Lying around

He's turned around and is no longer transverse. His head is down and facing to the left and for once I'm actually carrying a child that is willing to keep his back against my stomach. My other three were posterior which was awful.

Busy busy busy

We have a very full fortnight ahead of us between moving, birthdays (half of Lee's family including Lee himself) lunches, exams and appointments. I'm hoping to get through my exam next Friday and then do nothing but relax. I'd ask Lee to take me away during our next (and last) Erin Free Weekend, but I don't want to be too far from the hospital.

You gotta have friends

A heap of our friends have offered to help us with the moving process. As we're hiring a removalist, the packing up part is done for us (although we have done about a quarter of it ourselves to help save a bit of money). The next bit is unpacking. We've invited everyone around to help us unpack on Saturday, followed by a bar-be-que lunch in the afternoon. And we can do this because...

We bought a bar-be-que. In the next stage of our complete commitment to each other (cos you know the baby and wedding thing count for only so much) Lee and I went shopping for a bbq today and got a really cool one. We also found some outdoor lanterns that we absolutely fell in love with.

I'm so excited about this move. I always move when pregnant. Most women nest. I change trees.

Well, that's it for today. Battboy will be home any minute with the kids (I was in too much pain to go) so I want to be in feet-up position when they arrive.

Have fun and enjoy life.

Oh, one more thing.

He also has big feet. Really big. They're already 5cm's long. This is a paternal trait, apparently. They're certainly not from me. I still wear kid's shoes.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The Prisoner

We won it! Yay us! It's paid for and should be on its way.

I'm not mad...

Or even depressed. I saw the psychologist yesterday and after a 90 minute chat she decided that I'm far from either. She told me I'm a strong woman who has had a lot to deal with over the past two years. We talked about my guilt issues (ex-husbands, run away children and toddlers who cry when I drop them off at childcare), the pain of SPD (the pelvic problem), the loss of my religious support network, the joy and dilemmas of raising a step-child, the fear that I've lost the love of my children, the pressure of moving and uni and, well, everything. Mostly I talked about the pressure I feel to have my baby born on any date other than the 5th or 9th of December. She commended me on just how well I was coping and said she defied anybody to be permanently happy under those circumstances. She chatted to Lee for a while too, but on the whole he let me speak for myself.
I spoke about my relationships with Jon and Lee and where they're the same as well as different.

One thing that came out and surprised me was just how much I miss my in-laws. I really loved Jon's parents and I hate that they're not part of my life. Lee's dad is quite remote and we haven't built up much of a relationship. Jon's dad was someone I became very close to and I miss that. I am, on the other hand, closer to Lee's brother and sister-in-law than I was to Jon's. Scott and Amanda have been amazing during this pregnancy with lots of practical help for which I'm really grateful.
I also commented that this pregnancy has allowed for a strange turn of events. I'm not close to my mum or Lee's dad, but I've developed a kind of friendship with Lee's mother-in-law, Lynn. We're bonded by our love for Erin and this helps smooth what could be a difficult situation.

The psych did tell me off for one thing. She says moving during pregnancy was a huge mistake. Oh, well. Nothing we can do about that.
None of the children seem to be responding well to the move. All four have become argumentative. For the older three, I can see it upsets them that I won't be just around the corner any more and as for Erin, she sees boxes being packed and taken away with no real knowledge of why. Today we took her with us to the house and showed her that her toys were in her new room. This excited her, but she got upset when we left them behind.

All in all, it was great to talk to someone. I'm a verbal-linguistic person and need to express my emotion. Rosie, the psych, was easy to talk to and I didn't have to take her feelings into account. Yes, for once it was all about me.

I don't have to see her again until I've delivered, and then she'll come and see me while I'm on the ward to make sure I'm okay.


I have my exam next Friday (the 12th). I'm nervous. Nothing I read makes any sense and I'm worried I'm going to fail. Hope I go into labour Thursday night.

That time of the year

Help wanted: Must have own secateurs and broken bottle.

It's hay-fever season and I'm pregnant. I'm at the point where I want to cut off my nose and chew on broken glass. Anything to relieve the constant irritation in my nose and mouth. I have blisters on the roof of my mouth from where my tongue rubs against it during the night. As Lee mentioned on his blog the other day, hayfever seems trifling compared to the other problems, but honestly there are times when I want to expose my wrist to a razor blade just to make it all stop. Lee never seems to stop rubbing his eyes, so at least he's suffering along with me :)

On writing

Have decided to take a break from writing until after uni and the baby's born. Found out a story was rejected today. I'll send it out again tomorrow. I was really upset at first, but I've let it go now. It's a good story and I'm confident it'll place within a paying magazine. It's not the end of the world.

On moving

Lee's been worried about how I'll take moving into the house that he shared with Sharon. He asks me if I'm okay with it about every 5 minutes. Really, it doesn't bother me. Someone else has been living there for the past year and at the moment it's just an empty house. I've been told that I can do anything I want to it in order to make it mine. I'm thinking of tiling the kitchen and dining floors and making the patio a proper entertainment area. I also want new curtains in the kitchen and the kids' rooms. While I'm not as much of a knick-knacky person as Sharon, I am very much a candle person, as is Lee, so I don't think it'll take much to imprint our joint personality upon the house. Anyway, we've decided to give it a year. If everything works out we'll renovate and create a new master bedroom and ensuite, giving the three boys the current master bedroom. If it doesn't work out, we'll move (probably build). If we do renovate, it'll have to be a stay-forever thing. Lee and I are pretty much agreed in what we'd like in a home. We both love the idea of a sitting area with a bay-window over-looking the backyard and a spa in the ensuite.

35 weeks

I have an ante-natal appointment tomorrow. The countdown is on. After this week I should be on weekly visits. I also have a scan tomorrow to ascertain just how big the Battbaby is. This excites me. I'm at the stage where I'm worried there's something wrong with my boy (one reason for the transverse lie) and hopefully this will put me at ease. The pain is so bad most of the time that I hope they take one look at the scan and decide to bring the baby on early. Any time from next Wednesday suits me. I can't get comfortable any more. The only time I feel I can rest is lying with my back against Lee's side while we watch TV. All movement is painful.

Okay, well that's it for now. Take care and be happy.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Bated breath

The Prisoner. Every episode. 11 minutes 45 seconds left. And we're currently the highest bidder! Two very excited people in the TriffBatt household. Lee and I are huge fans of The Prisoner. We were just cruising through eBay, talking about the fact we need to bring our spending down, when this little gem jumped out at us.

So while I'm filling time clicking refresh over and over (and Battboy's out picking the boys up from Tae Kwon Do) I thought I'd fill you in our week. (7 and a 1/2 minutes and counting)

Moving and packing

We're moving at the end of the week, so much of the weekend has been spent packing up books and kids in an effort to keep removalist costs to a minimum (we keep our money for eBay :)) The kids have filled box after box with clothes, toys, card games and junk.

Okay, that's weird, the four and a 1/2 minutes left has jumped to 1 hr four minutes. I think their time keeper is all messed up what with daylight saving.

Battboy has forbidden me from lifting, carrying etc so I've pretty much directed traffic, kept Aiden moving (the boy seems to have mastered the extreme art of procrastination) and played Sims. At this stage I'm ready to start shifting fridges in an attempt to bring this baby on.


Had dinner with Dave Luckett and Sally Beasley last night. Sally bought my story "The Memory of Breathing" for Issue 18 which comes out in April. Dave read it a while back and told Sally about it. She approached me and asked if she could buy it for the issue. I was rapt. Nicko and his wife Sue were also there. Ian gave me some good advice about my daughter and her dyslexia. It turns out dyslexia is not a sight problem (which I'd always assumed) but a psychological one. He was really helpful and I was grateful for the insight.
Dinner was delicious, with all sorts of good food and wine (I stuck to the equivalent of about 1/2 a glass). It was a nice night with lovely food and excellent conversation and we both really enjoyed ourselves. One thing I will say for my relationship with Lee, we spend time with really interesting people. After years of spending my time with computer people and religious types, it's refreshing to hang around people as diverse as those in writing and fandom.

Okay, so it seems there's still 45 minutes left of bidding time. What else can I talk about?


I have a psych appointment tomorrow. I had to fill out a 'how are you this week?' form at the hospital during my last visit. This was the week when I was suffering the worst pain from my pelvis problem. Naturally I responded that I was having a bad week and feeling very low (did I mention the pain?). Unfortunately this identified me as being in a high-risk category for Post-Natal Depression, so now I have to start seeing a counsellor.


Lee has taken a photo of me every four weeks from the time we found out I was pregnant. At 32 weeks we changed to every two weeks. We have the pictures up on our screensaver, along with about 200 other pictures. What strikes me most is not so much the 'changing shape of Lyn's tummy' aspect, but the 'changing style of Lyn's hair.' I'm beginning to think I have a hair obsession.


No bad movie night tonight. We're surrounded by boxes, both flat and filled.

25 minutes, we're still the highest bidder and I can't think of anything else to say. The chiropractor is definitely helping Lee's back/neck and my pelvis. The baby moves down into position after each visit, then finds some flimsy excuse to move up again a few hours later. He is, however, spending more and more time in the appropriate position so I'm hoping he'll eventually get the hint and stay there.

Have a great week. Lee'll let you know what happens.

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