Monday, February 28, 2005

Routines R Us

This morning I tumbled out of bed when Battboy did, made him some breakfast, packed his morning tea and lunch, sewed a rip in his jeans and kissed him at the door as he went of to work.
Less than four weeks to go and I've got this 'wife' thing down pat :)

Movie night

Usual movie night last night. Chesh and Calli brought over 'Series 7'. Have to tell you, one of the best movies I've seen in a very long time. It was so tight in both plot and execution. Every detail rung true. Scary stuff.


Back at uni tomorrow with the Battbaby in tow. Should make lectures interesting as I take notes with one hand and hold the baby with the other. Due to his newly developed skill of sleeping through the night, he's eating more during the day, which will be a fine sight for all those 17 year old school leavers :)

Can't wait for uni. Baby-making has made my brains feel a little fried.

Welcome Home

Welcome home, Splanky. We missed you!!!! And the kiwi-fruit chocolate was brilliant. Gotta get some more.

Big huggles

Big warm huggles to Ju, just cos. Love you babe.


Will be putting up my new review tonight. Just as soon as I narrow down what I'll be reviewing.

Have a great week

Saturday, February 26, 2005

I just 'borrowed' this from Grant's blog. Who'd have thunk it?

The Second Doctor
The Second Doctor: You are a small, clownish
figure, who often dances happy jigs while
playing a tune on your recorder. Though you
often seem terrified of the monsters you
encounter, you are a sly combatant of evil,
often playing the fool in order to trick your
foes into underestimating you.

Which Incarnation of the Doctor are you?
brought to you by

Thursday, February 24, 2005

I love a good meme in the morning.

Taken this from Battboy's blog who took it from someone else's.

Ten things I've done that you probably haven't.


1. Started trying for a baby at the age of 15 (yes, deliberately. Fortunately it didn't happen until 6 years later).

2. Been engaged three times by the time I was 20.

3. Had 5 fathers by the time I was 16.

4. Slept with an author after accepting his work for my publication.

5. Spent 13 years in a fundamentalist religion.

6. Got kicked out of number 5 for doing number 4.

7. Had a friend of my sister-in-law tell her that the best muffins she'd ever eaten was while she was travelling around Australia. They stopped off in Kununurra and had morning tea in a little cafe in the town. The muffins were wonderful, fantastic, sublime. Heather happily told her; "my sister-in-law Lyn makes them." It's true. I make great muffins.

8. Made a sale to the community newspaper when I was 16 by interviewing my high school principal. I got a by-line and everything.

9. a) Taken to a cemetery on a third date (my boyfriend Glen, who I was with for a few months between Sean and Jon) and b) Taken to a funeral so I could meet Lee's deceased wife's family. Like the situation wasn't tense enough.

10. Taken four years so far to complete my first year at uni (and still not done).

I love this sort of thing. I'm an author, I love sticking my nose where it doesn't belong and I love sharing my thoughts with others.


Lee and I are now half-way into our diet. We have 28 days left and 30 days until the wedding. In our 28 days we've had two blow outs, with fish and chips last Friday and Sizzlers on Monday. Other than that we've been very good. In two weeks we can have eggs and chicken again. We can't wait.

Cat vacuuming

That's what Lee calls it when you do anything else rather than write and this night has been full of it. I sat down to work on two stories that I want to send out tomorrow, but so far all I've done is read and write blogs. I'll have to do it tomorrow now as it's definitely bed time.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Is it duck season?
Is it rabbit season?

NO! It's Hot Cross Bun season. And nobody does them better than Baker's Delight.
The good news is, they're allowed on the diet! And we're taking advantage of the fact :)

First day blues

The Battbaby went off to his first 1/2 day at child-care today. I'm putting him in for 4 hours on Wednesday afternoons so I can get writing done. So far I've: had lunch with Battboy, had a rest and started on my blog. I'll start working after this, I promise.

I miss my baby :(


Erin is going through the usual 3 year old angsts at the moment. One of her favourite phrases is "You're not my best-friend anymore" followed closely with "I no love you." I'm trying to teach her about emotional pain, so I've been touching my chest and saying, "You hurt my feelings." Yesterday she tripped over in her bedroom. She got up, grabbed her ankle and announced, "I've hurt my feelings." She's just too cute sometimes.

Okay, I can't think of anything else to write, so I best get on with the work. Enjoy the rest of your week (the countdown to the weekend begins :))

Monday, February 21, 2005

New Blogspot

After looking at the various magazines and seeing how poorly they pay (ie not a cent) I've decided to write reviews of the different books I read and post them on my own blogspot. I've only written one review before (which is being published in ASIM) and am still on a learning curve. I welcome comments and feedback. If you disagree with what I've said, let me know and why.

The blog is called IMHO. I hope you enjoy it.

Hooray for me

Now for something a little less exciting to you, but had me jumping in happiness. I've gone down a whole dress size, thanks to the Liver Cleansing Diet and the gym membership Battboy gave me. We broke our diet today and went to Sizzler to celebrate. We both left feeling rather ill, and have vowed to be good for the rest of the diet. Well, I vowed for me and then vowed for Lee on his behalf :)

Hooray for him

Connor's sleeping through the night, usually somewhere between 6 and 10 hours. I'm starting to feel a little more alive. Naturally the first night was spent with me lying in bed wondering whether he was still alive.

Hooray for us

Battboy and I organised my flowers for the wedding today. We found a lady in Brookdale who was fabulous to work with and, as she's wholesale, the cost of my bouquet plus three girl's flowers plus delivery cost far less than just my bouquet from the other florist we talked to (who wasn't sure she could do the wedding, nor would she deliver).

Only one thing left to do. Our vows. I've written mine. Now they just need typing out and an edit, then they can go off to the celebrant.

Very funny (and then not so funny)

It was movie night last night. For a change of pace, Martin and Iz brought over Bill Bailey. We laughed ourselves stupid. There was one bit that I found particularly funny. He played the theme to EastEnders and put in the words "We are all going to die". This fits as, during the month I've been seriously watching the show, two characters have died in tragic circumstances. The first character I never even saw, I got into the show on the day of his funeral. I still cried. The second, Jamie, I did get to know, and he took a while to die (about 5 episodes) so as you can imagine, Connor's bibs have wiped up a lot more than baby-spit.

Have a great week. Think of me as you begin to tuck into your Hot Cross Buns (whose stupid idea was it to diet during Hot Cross Bun season?????)

PS You have got to see Bill Bailey on DVD, if only for the Kraftwerks Hokey Pokey. If I can quote Lee Battersby (and I think I can) it was a 'coke-spray moment'.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Let's do that again

Bliss. Connor slept from 5.30 last night until midnight and then from 12.15 til 5. It was wonderful. Of course I missed the 2am showing of EastEnders, but picked it up at 7am :) Yes, it's trash, but I love it.


Today I finished editing a story to the point where I think it's ready to go out. I'll read it at the writing group tomorrow, get their opinions and then send it on. I haven't had a story complete in quite a while. I have to say, I'm very pleased with it. I believe it's one of my stronger stories and look forward to placing it somewhere. I'm looking at the Swancon Short Story competition. One of the rules is that you can't have had more than 20,000 words published. I added up all my placements, both already published and to be published around that time and found I came in at around 16,000. Phew.

Ho hum

A quiet day, due to Connor's been very unsettled. He barely let me put him down at all. I didn't even get to look at my computer until an hour ago.
Food for thought
I'm thinking of starting up a new blog where each week I will review a book (both past and present). I have an idea of which book I'd like to review first, I just have to contact the author. Let me know what you think on Lee's message board.
Not much to write. Have a nice week.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

It's all in the genes

I have four biological children. For years I've had people look at my three older children, look at me, look at Jon and declare "Wow, they look just like their father." If you were to listen the gushing you'd think they didn't have one of my genes between them. They are Triffitts through and through.

On the other hand, they look at Connor, look at me, look at Lee and state "He looks just like his mother." Yes, it's true. The feet may be Lee's, but the rest is totally me.

But then we find this. People look at Connor, look at Casi, Aiden and Blake and decide with full assurance, "You can tell he's their brother. He's the very image of them." Now this is also very true. I have photos of the others at this age and they look exactly like Connor. Erin is convinced that a picture we have of Casi is in fact Connor and no amount of correction will convince her otherwise.

Which just goes to show. The three Triffitt children aren't as Triffittish as I'd been led to believe.

Erin, on the other hand, bares no similarity to her brother what so ever. Her frame is large and she has brown hair and brown eyes and a round face. Connor has a lanky frame (like Aiden) reddish blonde hair, blue eyes and a slim face. They look nothing alike. Well, apart from their feet, that is :)


The Swancon program is available. Turning to Saturday I find: "1600 - 1700 Wedding Setup" and "1700 - 1800 Wedding (Lee Battersby, Lyn Triffitt, others)." And let's not forget Thursday's "2200 - 2300 Hen's Night Party (Sarah Parker, Lyn Triffitt)"
I guess it's actually happening. I'm getting married again. (39 days to go if anyone wants to help keep count)

Do you have them?

Yes, I have pre-wedding jitters. Battboy, on the other hand, is totally calm and at ease about the whole thing.


We have our catering, and our cake and our photographer. Flowers are another matter. A word from the wise. Don't go shopping for wedding flowers around Valentine's Day. You'll meet with nothing but rudeness.

Lee's getting his suit on Thursday. I hope to pick up my dress and Casi's in about 2 weeks time. I'm phoning the hairdresser tonight. We are so underprepared. Is it any wonder I'm nervous?

On the first day of Valentine's my true love gave to me-

One piece of sexy lilac lingerie (cos I've been feeling frumpy since the birth), one gift set of bath salts etc (to soak in before putting on lingerie) and a beautiful gold necklace (just cos he loves me).

It never ends

Due to complications with Connor's birth I have to go back into hospital for an operation in 2 weeks time. I'm never ever ever having another baby. Connor is beautiful, and I'm glad I had him, but this past year has been utter hell.

On the work front

No real words written this week. I'm busy editing a story for the Swancon Short Story competition.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Orright, guv?

Last night I dreamt with a cockney accent. Honestly, everytime I spoke I sounded like my mouth was full of mooshy peas and larrger.

Is there such thing as too much EastEnders?

But I'm not alone

I went to the mother's group yesterday and we got talking about how we spend the wee hours when it's just us, our breast and the baby, and one thing we all had in common was EastEnders (and sometimes Minder if the baby is playing up.)

A word count!

677 words written tonight. The baby's asleep and I decided to put in half an hour. I ended up doing half an hour of reading my work and then another half (or 'arf as we say in Albert Square) adding to it. I'm quietly pleased.


Speaking of accents. I was listening to the news on the radio this arvo and they were reporting on the police working to make sure some bikie gang doesn't set up shop in Perth. They were talking to some policeman who had the most yummy Irish accent. Now, I've always been a sucker for Irishmen. My second fiance, Sean, was Irish and I admit I loved the way he spoke. So there he was, killing me softly with his voice and I'm thinking, "This guy sounds divine." Then the radio announcer states "That was Detective Sean (Surname not given to protect the innocent, ie Me)". MY OLD FIANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last I heard (17 years ago and about a month after I broke up with him due to his heavy handed tendancies) he was just joining the police force. Suddenly the killing me softly pun seems very appropriate.

Sean is the sort of guy you could imagine being a cop but not a detective.

Then I turned the tv on to see if he was there. And he was. Larger than life. Literally. Not the way I remember him at all. This is a guy who has seen more doughnuts than soccer balls lately.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

So sad.

Battboy went back to work yesterday. We've been together 24/7 for the past year and I have to say, I've really enjoyed it. You know you're in a winning situation when you actually enjoy being in someone's pocket. Lee and I have had a lot of fun over this 12 month period. We've written side by side, shared a lot of Sizzler 'work meetings' and generally gotten to know each other really well. He was with me during every ante-natal visit and was able to carry the burden when pregnancy pretty much laid me flat. I've missed him heaps the past two days and can't wait for the weekend. Co-dependency is NOT a bad thing!

So glad.

A year ago, I lost one of my best friends due to an argument that got out of hand. The other day we saw each other and both recognised the jolt of joy that shot through us. I emailed her, told her how much I missed her and how I would really like us to work things out. She emailed back and agreed that it was time to mend things and suggested Thursday. I can't wait.

So nervous.

I've decided to pop Connor into daycare for half a day a week so I can concentrate on my writing. I'm nervous about this partly because he's my baby and partly because he won't take a bottle. I have visions of him screaming for four hours until I pick him up. He'll be 12 weeks, the same age as Erin when she started at the same centre.

So rested.

Apart from a slight hiccup on Sunday Connor continues to sleep a 6 hour stretch during the night. He's on a new medicine for his reflux. I don't know if it's that, or age or what, but he's happier in just about everything. He will now happily lie on the floor for up to half an hour and play or stay in his rocker while I type (like I'm doing now) for up to an hour at a time. Being awake doesn't necessarily mean a crying fit anymore.

Naturally I spoke too soon and must go deal with my crying baby. Enjoy your week.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Phew Part 2

On the subject of children toeing the line (see yesterday's blog).

I have my children staying for the weekend and I have to say, it's been wonderful. It's hard to believe that 4 weeks ago Casi and I were going toe to toe over visiting her friends (she wanted me to run her all the way to Cottesloe to see Stephanie, I wanted to keep her home with me for the three weeks of the school holidays as I don't see the kids often enough as it is. We agreed to meet half way which for her meant I do exactly as she wanted and for me meant she could see her friends but they had to come here. In the end she stayed here and didn't even call her friend. Anyway, I digress...) We were arguing and really going at it to the point where she called her father and asked him to pick her up. He wouldn't so Casi had to stay here and work things out. Amazingly enough, she wrote me a 10 page letter telling me how sorry she was for her behaviour, admitted she'd been awful just to keep the argument going and how much she loved me. I was stunned but mollified. After that we got along great guns and had a fantastic holiday.

And so the behaviour continues. Cassie's been lovely and, what's more, she's been really affectionate. She's constantly cuddling me and kissing me and being quite needy and I'm loving it. She's also, for the first time, displaying jealousy towards Erin. She actually pulled Erin away from me yesterday and snapped at her that she wanted a turn at hugging me.

And, naturally, Erin is getting quite jealous in return. Her tantrums and whinging have increased and she bursts into tears over the slightest provocation. I'm trying to share myself around with all the kids, so Erin just has to learn that I'm not her exclusive property. Cassie needs me at the moment and I'm happy to be there. I'm with Erin 24/7 and can give her quality as well as quantity time during the week.

Speaking of jealousy...

Aiden surprised us last week. His own good behaviour quotient had taken a dive and Battboy and I had had enough. He was rough with Connor and Erin and extremely snappy with Casi. He even tried to trip Cass while she was walking around with the baby. At this point we snapped. It was bad enough he was rude and violent, he had now put the baby in danger. We pulled him aside to give him a right earful.

Task completed, we then asked him the problem. I suspected jealousy, knowing that I'd given more time to Connor of late and that Aiden is quite a sensitive child.
"Are you jealous?" I asked him, ready to hug him and let him know I still loved him just as much as before.
Now one thing I pride myself on is that I can always tell when Aiden is lying. I'm never, ever wrong.
"You're lying, aren't you? Come on, you know I can read you, Aiden. Tell me the truth. Are you jealous?" I put on my concerned Mum voice and encouraged him with a smile. Lee sat closer to him to let him know we were there for him.
"Yes. Casi loves Connor more than she loves me."
Not the answer we were expecting.
It's true that Cass loves Connor and pretty much owns him from the moment we pick him up. He's her toy and her baby and Battboy and I don't get a look in. I only get him for feeds and Lee doesn't even get that. But does Cass love Aiden more than her?

Well, honestly, yes. As I pointed out to Aiden, Connor is cute and his age is still measured by the week. He gurgles at her and smiles and occasionally pukes all over her new bikini (the only time Lee does get his son back :)). He goes to sleep in her arms and grabs her hair. Why wouldn't she love him?
Aiden, on the other hand, is 12 and prepubescent and can be totally annoying. Okay, he doesn't puke on her, but he does hit her, kick her, yell at her, call her names, swears at her and on the whole is a brat. When he grabs her hair it isn't sweet but nasty. Why would she love him?

Now, I'm their mother and love all five children equally and always find them lovable no matter what their mood. Casi has no such claim and doesn't even bother trying.

In other words she's a little mother to Connor and a big sister to Aiden. I told him that Casi did love him, but that his behaviour continuously got her off side. I also told Cass how Aiden felt and she explained that yes she did love Connor more but for all the reasons I'd already outlined to Aiden. If his behaviour was more acceptable she'd love him more.
Nobody requires unconditional love from a sibling.

Which brings me onto a funny incident at the pool yesterday. I can't remember exactly what led up to it, (probably some witty remark made by Lee about the children). Casi turned to us and said "You two have to love me. It's unconditional." We both cracked up laughing. She really is amazing.

Who has all the fun?

Casi's dyed her hair a soft brownish red colour. It looks amazing. Who can we make blonde jokes to now?

Sunday night

Movie tonight with all the usual suspects and hopefully some new ones. You can tell we're in the science fiction scene. My loungeroom seems to have become a TARDIS, what with inexcess of 15 people showing up on occasion.

Tonight we're up for Ferris Bueller's Day Off, brought to you by your friendly, neighbourhood redhead, Kylie. We love you Kylie.

About Blake

Blake has been his usual, cheery, happy-elf self. He assimilates so easy, you'd swear he was half Borg. He really is my easy child.

Poor man

Battboy had an accident while at the pool yesterday. He went down the slide with Erin, came off it at full speed and hit his coccyx on the bottom of the pool. He's been in a lot of pain ever since. My poor darling. At least he hasn't been like the kids. He wanted Panadeine Forte for the pain rather than having me kiss it better :)

Enjoy this lovely day.

Saturday, February 05, 2005


It's funny how quickly things can change. Barely a week ago I was a very tired mummy who was having to get up every couple of hours to feed her newborn baby.

Suddenly, at 10 weeks old, Connor seems to have seen the light. Or the dark, really.

For the past three nights he has slept in excess of 6 and a 1/2 hours, allowing me to do the same. It's been bliss. I feel like I might be actually catching up after a year in slumber hell. Uni is not looking like such a bad idea and I'm actually getting enough energy to use my gym membership and do more housework than just the dishes and hang washing on the line.

Life's good.

Food, food everywhere

With eight weeks to go until the wedding, I decided to put Battboy and myself on the Liver Cleansing Diet. Out of all the diets I've ever tried this has been the most successful. While it's strict, it still provides all the nutrition I need to meet both mine and Connor's needs. I still have carbs, proteins and fats and can eat as much of each as I like. The only restrictions are that we're not allowed red meats (yes, Battboy that does include pork :)) alcohol or dairy products. We've been on it for a week now and have seven to go. This week and the final two weeks include chicken but it's not allowed in the middle four. We can, however, eat as much fish as we like. Fortunately we both like fish so it won't be a huge hardship.

Lee's really missing Sizzler and Pepsi Max. I'm hanging out for a wine. As a result, I've allowed us to have ONE item that we miss each Friday (No, it doesn't include a Big Mac). I chose a glass of wine. Battboy chose Pepsi. Next week I think I'll opt for a piece of chocolate.

I've also put Erin on an abbreviated version. She eats the same foods we do, but I do allow her a cup of milk each day.


Ever since Battboy popped the question I've been in a bit of a quandry. Change my name or not change my name? I've been a Triffitt for fifteen years now and to tell the truth, I quite like the name. I share it with three of my children and, let's face it, it's a great name for a science fiction author.
Lee will be my husband. I want to have the same name as him. Two of my children are Battersbys (although Connor spent three days as a Triffitt while I was in hospital) and as they're the children who live with me, it seems strange to hold a different name to them.

Battboy and I have talked about it on and off for the past year or so and I have come to a decision.

I will be changing my name after we marry both personally and professionally. I love Lee and I want to be his wife in all respects.

Which brings me to my next point.

A rose by any other name

I will want to change the title of my blog."Day of the Triffitt" will no longer be applicable so I need something new.

So if you have a suggestion leave it on Lee's message board.

My current fave is "Inside the Battcave".

Have fun and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

How tired am I?

It's 6 am and I've been up for over an hour with the baby. I got up to feed him, switched the television on and settled in to watch EastEnders for the third time in 20 years. By 5:30 I was crying over the death of a character I don't even know and now am never likely to. I've really got to get some sleep.

I managed to get Connor to sleep about 20 minutes ago and just when it appears I might be able to go back to bed, Erin's risen. So much for that plan.

Have a nice day.

PS I hope Connor wakes up at 2 am tomorrow morning. I need to find out why Phil is being so hedgy about his 'arrangement' with Lisa. And will Laura's night out with the boys end in pregnancy? Naturally she'll say it's Ian's, but we all know he had a secret vasectomy during the last episode I watched :)

Gotta find Erin some breakfast.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Just wrote a huge blog filling in the last few days events, but my computer ate it, so I've switched to Battboy's computer and will now go through the highlights.

12 years ago from this moment...

I was waking Jon up so he could take me to hospital. Naturally the contractions stopped the moment I stepped in the building. They started up again at 6am the next morning and at 12:30pm (or thereabouts) Aiden was born.

I couldn't possibly beat that.

It's become my general practice to find out what Lee's word count is each day and then try to beat it. Today I went out and he managed 1400 words in my absence. I decided not to pressure myself and to stick to my 500 word goal. I couldn't always beat Battboy and besides, I have other important things to worry about at the moment. So I opened up "Red River", read it and changed bits and pieces before really getting into it. About 90 minutes later I decided to call it a night, called up my word count and was pleased to find it was:


There's heaps more I wrote about but my hand is sore from so much typing so I'm going to bed now.

Have a great week.

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